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Alex Jack (left) with Congressman Dennis Kucinich in Washington while both were working on legislation in Congress requiring mandatory labeling of genetically altered foods such as rice and wheat.

Alex Jack's Hamlet, as written by Christopher Marlow comes in two volumes. Volume I consists of an introduction and the play itself. Volume II gives us a most complete analysis of this play and its historical context when interpreted as being written by Marlowe. For those of you who would like to skip reading the play, we suggest you read Volume I's Introduction, and Alex Jack's five commentaries (below), especially The Three Versions of the "Wicked" Whitgift Passage before going on to read his most fascinating Volume II. Volume I is in a PDF format. We have put Volume II into both a bookreader and a PDF format.

Read Volume I: Introduction and the play
Read Volume II Jack's analysis of Hamlet as written by Christopher Marlowe (BOOKREADER)
Read Volume II Jack's analysis of Hamlet as written by Christopher Marlowe (PDF)

In his extraordinary analyses of Hamlet as written by Christopher Marlowe, one of the many details Alex Jack has unearthed is that the Player King and Queen representing elder Hamlet and Gertrude repeat three times they have been married thirty years. Jack deduces Marlowe/Shakespeare is “underscoring the importance of this figure”:

“Full thirty times” 3.2.147
“Thirty dozen moons”  149
“twelve thirties”  150

Jack says, “Hamlet is their only child. If he was born 9 months after they married he would be 29 years old and three months. Marlowe was born February 26th (or so) 1564, he “died” May 30th 1593, at 29 and three months of age.”



Alex is the grandson of David Rhys Williams, the author of Shakespeare Thy Name Is Marlowe, who introduced him to the authorship controversy as a child. Alex served as a reporter in Vietnam in the 1960s, editor-in-chief of the East West Journal in the 1970s, general manager of the Kushi Foundation in the 1980s, and director of the One Peaceful World Society in the 1990s. He currently lectures around the world on Eastern Philosophy and Macrobiotic dietary habits.







Alex is president of Planetary Health/Amberwaves, which is a network of friends, families and communities devoted to keeping the planet beautiful through natural and organic living. It sponsors the campaign to save rice, wheat, and other essential foods from the threat of genetic engineering.

He has taught around the world, including the Zen Temple in Beijing, the Cardiology Center in Leningrad, and at other centers and institutes in Europe, Japan, and throughout North America.

As a teacher, writer, and personal health consultant, Alex has authored or co-authored thirty-five books, including The Cancer Prevention Diet (with Michio Kushi), Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking (with Aveline Kushi), Let Food Be Thy Medicine, The Mozart Effect (with Don Campbell) and Imagine The World Without Monarch Butterflies. Alex lives with his family in Becket, Massachusetts.


Quantum Rabbit team members Woody and Florence Johnson, Alex Jack and Edward Esko

The company has strong interests in conventional renewable energies, though a mutual interest in holistic health and macrobiotics brought the three of them together.





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